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The Fisher Story

This is my father 'Godfrey' with his horse 'Forman'


My grandfather Frederick (Fred) Wyatt Fisher bought Eulo from Ken Lowden who first settled and began clearing Eulo, in March 1928.   Fred continued to clear the land and began farming sheep and cropping. He married his bride, Winifred (Kitty) Mary House on 5 December 1928 and spent their honeymoon in Albany.  The birth of their two children followed with Hilary May in 1929 and Geoffrey Wyatt (Godfrey) in 1932. Fred and Kitty built the stone homestead in 1940 - the reception will be held on the front lawn.


Godfrey left for boarding school in Perth - Hale School - in 1945, a couple of months later Fred passed away.  Kitty continued farming Eulo until Geoffrey returned from Hale School in 1949 and together they farmed Eulo with George Taylor's help, who farmed with Fred. Hilary went to boarding St Hilda's, also in Perth, from 1939 to 1947 then returned to Eulo until she married Max Thorn in 1955.


Godfrey married my mother Jenny Catling (from nearby Katanning) in April 1958 and together they built a little brick cottage on Eulo, just on the otherside of the tennis court from the homestead. My brother, Anthony Wyatt was born in 1963 and I was born in 1965.  


The little cottage soon became too small for us and in 1970 we moved into the stone homestead and Granny moved into our little cottage until her death in 1981.  We took great delight in being able to 'run down' to see Granny for big cups of tea, to eat the left overs from her bridge afternoons and for many sleep overs in Granny's 'big bed'. 


I had a wonderful childhood growing up on Eulo.  Many friends visiting the farm for sleep overs, days exploring Eulo and having picnics in the bush, wildflower and mushroom picking in season.  But of course there was always farm work to help with from mustering, shearing, mulesing, and feeding sheep.  Horses and our many mini-mokes over the years were our mode of transport on Eulo - we never had a motorbike.


Godfrey continued his passion for polo and we spent many a weekend at 'Wandecla' in nearby Jingalup and numerous trips to Perth for tournaments.  Tony also caught the bug and still plays today, hence why you will see horses everywhere at Eulo.


Geoffrey and Caroline left Eulo to start a new farming venture - Warkelup in early 2000.  You will notice the property just as you turn into Lowden Road on your left. Tony and Charlotte now farm Eulo, predominately cropping with some sheep also.

"This is the moment Tony told me we could have our reception at EULO! Thanks Tony!"

Eulo  Homestead

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