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Music Video's

We thought we would throw  a selection of video's for your enjoyment!

And there will plenty more of this type of stuff over the whole weekend!

"Under The Clocks" - Weddings Parties Anything. Great song about Melbourne by a great Melbourne and Australian Band! Enjoy

Expect to hear this a heap of times over the weekend! Pete said when the Cuff Links recorded this  they had no idea how perfct it was for us!

A Trip Through The Sixties

150 All Time Classics!

A Trip Through The Eighties

"Melbourne" by The Whitlams

is another classic song about the "rainy city"!

This is Tina Arena at her absolute best! She is singing "The Star" written by Johhny Young of Young Talent Time fame, for Ross D Wylie back in the sixties. It is one of my favourite all time prefomances by an Australian superstar!  Everytime I hear it, it brings tears to my eyes - I know - I'm completely hopeless....

A Trip Through The Seventies

50 Years Of Australian Rock & Roll

The Best Disco In Town!

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